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    Marc Maet - Diary of a Painter II (1995)

    Marc Maet was my teacher in my first year at the Academy, he was the coolest dude I had ever met. Cowboy boots, pitch black combed back thinning hair and a black moustache. We had to paint still-lives and every now and then he gave demonstrations. Whenever he picked up a brush to fix a part of a painting one could only be in awe of the confidence with which he put down a section. He was a very no-nonsense kind of guy pushing us to creating strong images that had nothing to do with concepts or vague narratives.

    (Wouter Van de Voorde, for Der Grief)

  2. untitled by Nicolas Huon on Flickr.

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    Tekoa, Idaho

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    Dieter de Lathauwer

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    The talented Sarah Pannell of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive was kind enough to ask me some question about Radiata in the lead up to my exhibition of the work which opens this Thursday night at the Colour Factory in Fitzroy.

    You can find the interview here.

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    Jack Nicholson on the set of The Passenger, 1974

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    This Day In Wrecks

    1948: British European Airways Flight S200P crashes in North Ayrshire, Scotland, on approach to Renfrew Airport.  The pilot of the Vickers Viking, unable to locate an outer marker beacon, flies into the high terrain of Irish Law Mountain.  All passengers and crew survive the crash.  Partial wreckage of the aircraft Vestal is still visible.  (Credits in captions; more photos here.)

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    Family holiday survival technician. I’m getting better at it.

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    Pierre Wayser

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